In the modern day when most business-related transactions occur online, website security is a key concern. A business should create a website that keeps intruders out and business activities safe. Lack of proper website security might lead to websites being vandalised, destroyed completely or held at ransom.

Cyber-attacks are a constant thing nowadays with an average of 50 hacking incidents occurring every day. They mostly happen at random with the hacker targeting a particular vulnerability in many websites hoping to get lucky. The following are the reasons why a business needs good website security:

Protection from Malicious Software

Malicious software (malware) is any software that is designed to cause harm or to enable website access to other unauthorised users without the website’s owner being aware of it.

They can come in form of:

  • Spyware – This kind of malware infiltrates your websites and steals information
  • Ransomware – Ransomware holds your site at ransom, temporarily disrupting all website activities. The ransomware will blackmail the owner into doing what the cyber attackers want.
  • Adware – This is a type of malware that forces its way into a website in order to make unsolicited advertisements.

The malware can cause downtime which leads to the loss of customers and revenue.

Protection of Sensitive Information

Most businesses have an online payment feature. When customers use this feature, they give you their personal information. If the businesses website is compromised, the customers’ details run the risk of being stolen. In case the information ends up getting stolen, you will lose many of your customers since they will not trust your business anymore. Some other sensitive business information may be stolen as well.

Protection of Back Up Data

All websites have a backup of their site that contains all the data related to their websites activities. If backups are not properly secured, a cyber-attack can be launched on your site with the sole intention of destroying any backups you may have before it destroys the website as well. Backups are important to a business since they can help restore vital data in case of data loss or damage.

Protection from Blacklisting

Most of the small businesses derive their business from online traffic generated by search engines. When a website experiences a cyber-attack, a search engine will blacklist the website, and this blocks potential customers and already existing customers from finding the site through their search engines. This is meant to block the potential spread of the virus or the cyber-attack to other people or websites. When a search engine blacklists a website, the business stands to lose up to 90% of their customers resulting in huge revenue loss.

It is difficult to recover your business after you get blacklisted by a search engine. The business will have to re-establishing its presence on the internet from scratch since it will take time for people to trust your site again.

Protect the Businesses Reputation

A business is only as good as its reputation. No customer will want to associate themselves with a business whose website security was breached. A good reputation encourages a growing customer base, and this is good for a business as it allows for the business to open itself up to more opportunities.


For any business, be it big or small, website security should be taken very seriously. A business can damage its reputation if it experiences a cyber-attack and is unable to deal with it properly. Businesses should invest in good website security to avoid any downtime, complete loss of customers, or serious loss in revenue.

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