WordPress Hosting and Care Plans

Websites are not “Set and Forget” projects – they need to be maintained and updated.

Your site needs to work for you and your Business.  It deserves to be Healthy, Secure and Relevant without the hassle of managing it yourself.


You and your business would greatly benefit from our

WordPress Maintenance and Care Plans

 Hosting – Security – Backups – Updates


WordPress Hosting and Care Plans

If you already have a site, we can fully manage it for you. We suggest improvements and options for your existing hosting or host it on our Servers.

We will install and configure security tools to keep your site safe and protected.

We will perform frequent backups. Monitor site Up time. Perform Daily Security Checks. Perform Performance checks. Keep WordPress, plugins and themes up to date. Provide Search Engine Ranking information. Provide monthly reports so you are kept up to date with changes in your site. 

If you don’t have a site yet – we can design it and then maintain it for you.

WordPress Security is not an option, it’s a necessity if you want your website to stay healthy. We have a three phase approach to WordPress Security which is part of our care plan:

Architecture – we choose only the best WordPress themes, plugins, and code to build your website.

Launch – as part of our launch process, we perform a WordPress security lock-down.

Monitoring – we monitor your website for hack attempts and perform regular malware scans to ensure your website is clean

WordPress Theme, Core and Plugin Updates

Performance, Security and Up-time Monitoring

Hosted on Hardened Servers

Performance and Security improvements to your site

Daily Backups to Multiple Off-site Locations

White label options for web designers/agencies. We can manage the hosting and maintence while you design the sites

WordPress Hosting and Care Plans

Let us take the worry out of managing and maintaining your website. All Prices exclusive of VAT if applicable.

WordPress Hosting and Care Plans
  • Typical Sites
  • Weekly Core, Plugin, Theme Updates
  • Hosting on UK hardened servers
  • Backups (Multiple Offsite)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Malware Scanner
  • Security
  • Performance Updates
  • Redis Object Caching
  • Image Optimization
  • Cloudflare Account
  • Domain Registration and Management and DNS
  • Support
  • Email Mailbox (Commercial)
  • SMTP Email (Postmark)
  • WordPress Training Videos
  • SEO Keyword Ranking
  • Staging Environment
  • Site Cloning
  • Premium Plugins
  • Design Agency Extras
  • Forwarding Domains
  • Landing Pages (Different domains)
  • Client Report
  • Virtual Tour Intergration
  • Proactive Vulnerability Patching
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Conole
  • Easy Analytics
  • Broken Link Scanning
  • Optional Extras
£45Per Month, Per Site
  • Personal, Brochure
  • Daily
  • Sucuri's SiteCheck
  • 7G WAF
  • General
  • Free Account
  • Security, Performance
  • 1
  • Monthly
£85Per Month, Per Site
  • Small Business
  • Daily
  • Sucuri's SiteCheck
  • 7G WAF
  • Site Specific
  • Free Account
  • 1 Mailbox
  • Security, Performance
  • Atarim, Management tools
  • 2
  • Monthly
Business 360
£165Per Month, Per Site
  • Business, Membership
  • Every 12 hours
  • Sucuri's SiteCheck and VirusDie
  • 7G and Cloudflare WAF
  • Site Specific
  • Pro Account
  • 2 Mailboxes
  • Security, Performance
  • Atarim, Management tools
  • Weekly
  • LMS, Mobile App, Blog Content
Complete 360
£225Per Month, Per Site
  • Larger Ecommerce, Membership, LMS
  • Every 1 hour
  • Sucuri's SiteCheck and VirusDie
  • 7G or ModSec and Cloudflare WAF
  • Site Specific
  • Pro Account
  • 3 Mailboxes
  • Security, Performance
  • Atarim, Management tools
  • Weekly
  • LMS, Mobile App, Blog Content

Optional with Every Plan

Free or Premium CDN setup

Site Development and Updates

Google Ads Campaigns

Commercial Email accounts

Social Media Marketing

Mailing Lists and Newsletter

And of course we can Design or Update Your Existing Website

We can fully design/update your site using the content you provide or we can set up a basic site so you can put the content in yourself. We will work with you to get the site that works for you.


Website Design to Custom Coding – Managed Training Solutions to APIs

Domain Registration to Databases – Website Care Plans to Hosting

WordPress Hosting and Care Plans
Domain Name Management
API/PHP/MySQL Custom Coding
White Label WP Maintenance
Website Hosting
Relational Web Design
Managed Training Solutions
Current Website Issues (Performance. Security etc)
WordPress Hosting
Report Abuse (Spam, Phishing etc)

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