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WordPress Care Plans

You have the site and we will manage it for you. We install and configure security tools to keep your site safe. Perform frequent backups. Monitor site Up time. Perform Daily Security Checks. Perform Performance checks. Keep WordPress, plugins and themes up to date. Provide Search Engine Ranking information. Provide monthly reports so you are kept up to date with changes in your site.

Managed Training Solutions

For organizations that have a training requirement for their staff or partners, we can provide a fully-managed training solution including: Course design and production. A customizable SCORM compliant LMS including e-commerce functions, hosted and managed on dedicated secure servers. Certification and program management. Customer service and support.

API/PHP/SQL Application Development

If you need special modules or an API written, we can help. If you need help joining two systems together, we can help.

Domain Registration

If you need help or advice in getting your own domain name, we can help. If you need help managing your existing domains, we can help.

WordPress Website Design

We can fully design your site using the content you provide or we can set up a basic site so you can put the content in yourself. We will work with you to get the site that works for you.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security is not an option, it’s a necessity if you want your website to stay healthy. We have a three phase approach to WordPress Security which is part of our care plan. Architecture, Site Launch and Monitoring.

WordPress Hosting

We can host your site on one of our private dedicated servers. We can provide cPanel access if required or we can fully manage it for you.

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